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  • Debian 11 install
  • Debian 11
  • Svenska Debian
  • Installing Debian On Asus
  • Linux på Chromebook
  • Installera Debian Buster på Chromebook
  • Chromebook apps
  • KDE Desktop
  • Debian 11 install

    Earlier last year, Google had released Debian Buster for Chromebooks, which brought many improvements to Linux. That includes stability, better GUI support, graphics acceleration, and more. Now, with the new Debian release called Bullseye (also called Debian 11), Google has started incorporating new changes to the Linux container. You can now update your Chromebook to Debian Bullseye and check out the improvements brought to the Linux container. And no, you don’t need to move to the highly buggy Canary channel. So without further ado, let’s find out how to install Debian Bullseye on a Chromebook.

    How to Update Linux to Debian Bullseye on Your Chromebook

    Debian 11

    Today, I was tinkering around in the Canary Channel on an 11th Gen Tiger Lake device when I saw a new Crostini-related flag and it’s very good news for those tracking the next release of Debian Stable. Debian 11, a.k.a, Bullseye, isn’t technically slated for a full release until later this month but Google is already preparing the Chrome OS Linux container for the upgrade. The new flag will actually allow users to pick which Debian version they want to run on their devices.

    DEBIAN 11 ‘BULLSEYE’ IS HEADED TO CHROME OS, Chromeunboxed (2021-08-05)

    Svenska Debian

    Debian sv

    "Debian är ett fritt operativsystem (OS) för din dator. Ett operativsystem är den uppsättning av grundläggande program och verktyg som gör att din dator kan köras.

    Debian tillhandahåller mer än bara ett operativsystem: med Debian följer över 59000 paket med förkompilerade programvaror paketerade i ett trevligt format för enkel installation på din maskin."

    Installing Debian On Asus

    DebianOn is an effort to document how to install, configure and use Debian on some specific hardware. Therefore potential buyers would know if that hardware is supported and owners would know how get the best out of that hardware.

    The purpose is not to duplicate the Debian Official Documentation, but to document how to install Debian on some specific hardware.

    If you need help to get Debian running on your hardware, please have a look at our user support channels where you may find specific channels (mailing list, IRC channel) dedicated to certain types of hardware.

    Linux på Chromebook

    How to enable Linux on Chrmoebook OS to install Debian packages

    The Linux it uses is Debian based, therefore, hundreds of packages and software are available to install and use. To run Debian, the ChromeOS uses a Virtual Machine environment but the best thing is even it is in virtualization mode, still whatever the software we install using the Command Terminal for Linux will directly show in the OS Application Menu, just like any other native Chrome OS application.

    Installera Debian Buster på Chromebook

    How to Install Debian Buster on Chromebook (Debian 10)

    Debian 10 Buster är redan installerad vilket framgår med kommandot:
    cat /etc/os-release

    Chromebook apps

    KDE Desktop


    Adm: Hans Iwan Bratt, hibratt@gmail.com