Nasa: Är människan huvudansvarig för förändringar i klimatet

For the past 8,000 years, the ice cores of Antarctica and Greenland indicate that Earth’s climate has been unusually stable. Yet global climate has changed several times in Earth’s geological history, sometimes at a relatively abrupt rate, as shown by the Greenland ice core data.

In the module, Energy: The Driver of Climate, you balanced Earth’s annual energy budget by adding or subtracting the processes that cause the average amount of energy gained by Earth to equal the average amount of energy lost by Earth. In the module, Temperature Over Time, you compared temperature trends over different time scales and regions.

In this module, you will learn about climate forcings. Climate forcings are any factors that cause a change to Earth’s energy balance, which will ultimately lead to a change in global mean temperature (GMT) and global climate.

When you complete this module, you will be able to

Causes of Climate Change

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